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20 juli 2010

het begin ........kamer van Anne Frank

Voor de mensen die dit meisje niet kennen even dit:
Anne Frank is een joods meisje geboren in Frankfurt. Op 13 jarige leeftijd moet ze samen met haar zus en ouders onderduiken in Amsterdam in een achterhuis.
Zij leven daar met heel beperkte middelen. Anne schrijft al haar gevoelens en belevenissen op in een dagboek.
Na 2 jaar worden ze verraden en gedeporteerd. Anne, haar zus en mama overleven dit niet. Alleen Otto haar vader komt terug. Hij laat haar dagboek publiceren. Het boek noemt " Het achterhuis"
Sinds 1960 is van dit achterhuis een museum gemaakt en kan iedereen dit gaan bezoeken.

Ik ben begonnen aan haar kamer die ze moet delen met Fritz Pfeffer

For those who do not know this girl here is this:
Anne Frank was a Jewish girl born in Frankfurt. At the age of 13 should she, her sister and parents hiding behind a house in Amsterdam.They live there with very limited resources.
Anne writes all her feelings and experiences into a diary.
After two years they will be betrayed and deported. Anne, her sister and mother do not survive. Only her father Otto returns. He leaves her diary published. The book called "Het achterhuis"
Since 1960 this house is a museum and everyone can go visit.

I started to Anne's room she had to share them with Fritz Pfeffer

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  1. Hello Ingrid,
    I am very impressed of this project, you will make. It is political and it is a very dark history from the Germans.
    In Germany all children read this book in school and even I read it and I remember that I cry by reading this book. It was so horrible what the Germans did with innocent people, it will be a shame for ever.
    I look forward to your project.

  2. I must applaud your initiative for this project. I have always love history and historical projects like yours most fascinate me. I am sure in the process of building her room, you will become very close to Anne Frank. She was a remarkable girl.

  3. Yo lei este libro hace muchos aƱos y la verdad es que llore mucho ,seguro que esta escena te quedara genial,besos

  4. Sounds so interesting! I shall follow the progress!:)

  5. Mooi Ingrid, ben benieuwd naar het vervolg!

  6. Prachtig initiatief Ingrid. Ben zeer benieuwd naar het vervolg.

    groet Heleni

  7. How amazing to have thought of this project. Anne Franks Diary was one of the books I read when I was young which made a huge impression on me and it was the first place I visited on my first visit to Holland. I am so interested to see how this progresses - thank you for sharing this!

  8. I think you're a very sensitive person for choosing this theme for your new Roombox. I was at Amsterdam in 2000, in February, and while I was queuing up to enter the refuge for Franke, thinking hard about those two terrible years that, too, were probably the most exciting life's little Anne. Visit the house behind the cupboard left me an impression that I will never forget! See the few newspaper clippings on the wall made me think that the girls of the world are all alike, in every place and time...
    I'm glad you started this project.
    Hugs, flora

  9. Un proyecto precioso y muy interesante, te esta quedando de maravilla!!!
    besitos ascension

  10. Interesting project. I have read Anne Frank's diary a few times.

  11. I think you are doing a fabulous think. What an interesting project. I will anxiously following your progress. I've read the book and it is extremely moving.


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