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24 juni 2010


Hallo, ik ben Emma en ben nu 4maand. Ik eet héél graag en dat zie je aan mij :-))
Hi, I'm Emma and 4 months now. I eat very well and it shows to me :-))
Eerste les: Hoe speel ik samen met mijn grote broer op een DS?
First lesson: How do I play with my big brother on a DS?

Ik heb gisteren genoten van mijn dagje babysitten :-))
Yesterday I enjoyed my day babysitting :-))

14 opmerkingen:

  1. HELLO EMMA!!! LOL I like that you eat very well! Cin Cin! :)

  2. She is just SO cute. Ik weet niet hoe je dat uit Nederlands zegt.

  3. What a cutie, and fashionable too in her zebra stripes!!

  4. Oh what beautiful little little girl!
    She remember me my daughter when she was baby!!!And the brother is a little man!
    You are a very lucky Grandmother!

  5. Es una niña preciosa, parece una muñeca.
    Su hermanito es todo un caballero que se ve que la cuida muy bien
    Unos nietos encantadores, enhorabuena!!
    besitos ascension

  6. Hello Emma! I am a mother of two boys .. They are older now, but you make me remember when they were small and chubby like you ..
    you know that you're beautiful?? I eat you with kisses, your soft cheeks are so attractive! your smile is sweet and fluffy ...
    you are very beautiful!
    Miss you'll be a beautiful girl!
    greets also your brother, very good as a babysitter ...
    bye bye!! Caterina

  7. Hello to you too, little treasure.
    I, who have a child of 18 months, I can say that you eat very well by yourself :-)
    You're a wonder and your smile is a beautiful gift today :-)
    Mini kisses, flora

  8. Lovely grandchildren, I can´t wait to have some (but don´t tell my daughter in law ;-)
    The time when the children are small is so limited, and we are often concerned with a lot of other things. Its nice when you get a "second try" ;-). You can learn a lot by the interaction and the way that small children percieve the world.
    Love, Susanne

  9. hola bonita, no te aficiones a la ds mejor mira como se hacen las miniaturas para cuando seas mayor y las construllas tu misma.
    una preciosidad felicidades a sus papas
    un abrazo

    Hola nice, you do not make keen the best ds gun-sight since the miniatures are done for when you are major and the construllas your same.
    A preciousness congratulations to his dads
    An embrace

  10. hahaha wat een dotje..
    daar kan je van genieten he
    x Marja

  11. Enhorabuena por esos nietos tan guapisimos que tienes.
    Enma es una muñeca y esta para comersela a besos.
    Esto si que es una miniatura bien hecha.
    Felicidades, Besitos, MAy

  12. Wat een SCHATJE!!!
    Daar kan je met recht heel trots op zijn.

  13. OMG!! they are the cutest brother-sister I've seen!!

  14. Que Chulada de bebe ! es divino Y El hermano ! Hijo de un amor


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